Workers’ accident policy for construction workers

Coverage against personal accident is mainly the coverage with the greatest emphasis and importance in the clauses of insurance policies for construction workers. The reason is elementary; The risks to which people who work in this construction sector are exposed are very high and some of them can compromise the lives of the workers.

What is personal accident insurance?

In the terminology of the insurance activity, we understand personal accidents to be an unforeseen, sudden, violent, sudden event that occurs due to fortuitous circumstances, and is in no way generated by the deliberate action of the insured or of any person within the work, which can cause injury or death to one or more people.

Hire a personal accidents policy for construction

Through a personal accident insurance policy, the insured, on behalf of a company that carries out a construction project, obtains coverage in the event that one or more of its workers suffer an accident. This will allow them to keep their employees medically protected if they have an accident that results in injury, disability or death.

The coverage for personal accidents not only recognizes the expenses of care and hospitalization. It also compensates the injured party with a disability pension, or his wife or children, in the event of death.

Having an accident policy is very important if you are a construction worker. Insurance coverage for personal accidents is the most effective tool to guarantee immediate and quality medical car; or also to obtain family economic security in the event of the worker’s death or being unable to work for life.

Coverage of the personal accident clause

Generally, there is basic coverage and additional ones. This coverage’s are limited to conditions that workers may suffer during the continuity of their working day.

If the employee suffers an accident outside the work area, the responsibility does not fall on the insurance company that issued the policy.

Most companies insure their workers with broad and non-determined coverage policies. The latter is usually done when the worker is hired for a job for a specific time.

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