Should life insurance be included in the will?

Previously, for security reasons, they were mentioned in the will to inform the relatives in case they were not aware of it. This was done since the public registry of life insurance contracts had not been created. Since it was very difficult for the insured person to know of the existence of life insurance if they did not mention it to their relatives.

Currently it is not necessary to include insurance in the will since there is such a Registry in which you can review the Insurance contracts. The amount of the compensation will become part of the inheritance even if it has been previously claimed or collected by the beneficiary; in which case it will be brought up.

Most of the time, the classic life insurance is in mind. However, there are many financial products that are also associated with insurance with death coverage. An example of this is mortgages, unit-linked loans, personal loans or credit cards. Insurance whose existence is unknown to most, so they are not usually claimed, and for this reason they are almost never charged.

Life insurance record

The Life Insurance Registry was created because, as indicated above. There were frequent occasions in which the heirs of a deceased person were not aware of whether this person had contracted death insurance in life. Therefore, they never managed to claim the compensation that could legitimately correspond to them.

From its approval, the person who wishes to carry out the query must present the death certificate of the person with respect to whom the information is to be known, and the Registry will issue a certification stating, where appropriate, the corresponding life insurance policies. In this way, the interested party can go to the corresponding insurance companies to find out if they are a beneficiary or not of insurance.

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